February Continues in North Ft. Myers, FL

We wanted to share some more experiences we had while we were staying in North Fort Myers. We visited the power plant park in Lee County to view more manatees. This is a place where manatees congregate when the ocean is cold. We had been told that if you get there at the right time, the manatees are almost back to back in the canal.

Although we got to the power plant shortly after we arrived in Fort Myers, it had been warming up so we only saw a couple of manatees at the park. We did enjoy talking with a very knowledgeable volunteer about the manatees and learning some more about them.

There is a famous Florida attraction called The Shell Factory that we visited a couple of times. It was about a mile from our camp. It’s claim to fame is that it is the biggest gift shop in the world. They host special events quite frequently, such as biker night, school events, dog water jumping events and other specialty events. We went to see the Budweiser Clydesdales full hitch show one afternoon. The team arrived in three semi-trailers! We watched the eight horses as they got their harnesses and tack put on. Then they were walked up to the wagon and attached in their position in the team.

The driver and the Dalmatian dog Barley showed up when the horses were all hitched.

The two lead horses were named Ivan and Master! It was fun to watch them get hitched up and start down the trail.

Hey guys, smile for the picture!

The team is based out of New Hampshire but is on the road most of the time. The trailers the horses ride in are not air conditioned which surprised us. The attendant said that the trailers are heavily insulated and that the horses have fans. He said if they got to comfortable, being workhorses, they would not want to work if they got used to the air conditioning.

We enjoyed driving around the area and exploring some small towns. This picture is of the town of Punta Gorda in Charlotte County. It was especially colorful and we enjoyed walking through the shopping area.

We have also seen numerous harbors and find them peaceful and enjoyable to look at. It is fun to sit and watch the boats, sailors and fishermen and birds at these locations. This is a harbor shot from Parrot Key.

We will close with a couple of pictures of wildlife that we got to enjoy. Thanks for reading!


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Having Fun in Ft. Meyers

We have spent the entire month of February in an RV park in North Fort Myers. The weather has been very nice – it has been in the mid to upper 80s almost everyday. It has almost been too hot a couple of days! 

This is a picture of our site.  It is spacious for our small rig and we get the much needed afternoon shade.

We have been enjoying exploring the area as well as using some of the amenities of the park.  We took lessons at the RV resort on how to play shuffleboard. 

Learning to play has been a lot of fun and we practiced quite a bit. We actually entered a tournament for beginners and won one game and lost two, and thus were out of the competition.


We have been able to go bike riding a couple times a week. Sometimes we go with a group from the RV resort and sometimes we go by ourselves. We take our bikes to the head of the bike trail and then go for a ride. Our first ride was with a group on the Cape Haze Trail. The ride is on a rails-to-trails path and follows a creek in a wood like setting

We rode about 14 miles. We had some interesting wildlife sightings while on the ride. We were having lunch on a bench when a man rode by and said you better watch out…the raccoons are trying to steal your sandwich. We thought he was joking but when we started our ride back up after lunch so we saw five baby raccoons along the edge of the trail.

They were walking along the edge of the trail and it seemed like they wanted to get to the other side but there was a tall fence there and they couldn’t cross over so they kept going back and forth.

On another ride we rode along Webb Lake which is part of Babcock Webb Wildlife Management Area fairly close to our campground. We rode with a group and went about 10 miles. As we rode along the lake we saw many interesting birds.

We also took a nice kayak trip on this lake on another day. We were surprised we could get two kayaks in our little car. We were able to borrow them from some people at the campground.

It was a little intimidating when we passed by alligators along the shore and even some came out in the water as we paddled by!

 It was a fun trip and the weather was perfect.

One of the nice things about this resort is that it is close to Linda’s family.  We were able to spend some time with Linda’s dad and his wife Laquita.  On this day they took us on a dolphin trip.

Of course, we saw lots of dolphins!  They’re a lot of fun to watch.

We have been enjoying the Gulf of Mexico and have gone swimming in it. We have been to Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, and a beach up near Venice. 

Sanibel is a lovely place.  We rode our bikes to this beach and saw the lighthouse.

We watched people as they fished from the pier.

Sun and Fun and Good Eating!

When we were at Fort Myers Beach we saw a pod of dolphins swimming in circles catching fish. We even saw one jump up out of the water with a fish in his mouth. It was pretty exciting!  We have enjoyed walking on the beach, finding shells and of course flying our kites.

The Carousel Inn has a wide beach and is great for flying.  After a day at the beach we found a cute restaurant and dined by the water.

It was Margarita Day, so of course we had to indulge!

 We enjoyed some delicious seafood at the Parrot Key Caribbean Grill.


From our table we could watch the pelicans and herons at the marina waiting for the fisherman to bring in their catch with the hope of getting a bite or two.

Heidi is having fun too!

We take Heidi for walks some mornings at a wildlife preserve just outside the entrance of the RV Resort Park. She seems to like going over there quite a bit there are all sorts of different smells. We took her to get her haircut since she was getting a little bit shaggy. When we picked her up this is what we saw:

No this isn’t a trick photo.  There’s another little doggie waiting for it’s owner.  Both of them were looking out the window.  This grooming facility does not put the dogs in cages, they just let them all walk around providing they are dog friendly.

That’s all for now!





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Exploring Florida State Parks and Attractions

Paddling on the Crystal River

One of the things we wanted to do in Florida was see the manatees up close and personal.  We decided on a kayak trip to Crystal River Springs to view the manatees. It was a chilly morning and we rented kayaks and headed out from Hunter Springs Park. Upon starting out, there were a large number of manatees in a mating pod in the protected springs area. There were people on the shore watching. We were given a map and some directions on how to paddle to the Crystal River Springs, which was about a 20 minute paddle from Hunter Springs.

Boats, People and Manatees, Oh My!

We paddled into the King’s Bay area and then up the river to Three Sister’s Springs refuge, which is a protected area and was full of manatees. Along the river is a boardwalk and people were viewing from the shore as well. What most surprised us was the number of people “swimming” with the manatees.

There were several tour boats that had brought numerous people to swim with the manatees. They were all decked out in wet suits and had pool noodles to keep their feet floating.

There were so many swimmers, it was hard to maneuver our kayaks! There was only one other kayak that we saw. We were always told that it was illegal to touch the manatees and Kathy resisted touching a baby manatee that came right up to her kayak, stuck out it’s head and greeted her.

All around us the swimmers were caressing and touching the manatees.

The manatees were curious and seemed to enjoy the human interactions as well.

The boat operators were observing and at times pointing out the manatee’s whereabouts.

Later we read the literature and it was carefully worded “do not touch a resting manatee or initiate contact” and I guess that’s how they get around allowing the tourist to have up-close encounters. We enjoyed the experience of seeing the manatees swim around and bumping our kayaks. However, Kathy said watching the people touch the manatees was like watching someone eating ice cream on a hot summer day! We were envious but didn’t really want to participate in such a crowded event.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

This park is an educational park that provides viewing of native Florida wildlife in a very well cared for natural setting. There is also a first-magnitude freshwater spring where the temperature is 72 degrees and there are manatees in the colder season.

This park also rehabilitates manatees and we went to a program and learned a lot about them and got to see the feeding of the manatees that were there for rehab.

There were numerous areas with wildlife ranging from bears, black panther, red wolves, eagles, lots of Florida birds, alligators and river otters.

Most of the birds and animals living here cannot survive in the wild.

The park provides these animals with a habitat and diet that is as natural as possible.

There is only one animal that is not a Florida native at the park. That is Lu the hippopotamus. Lu has been at the park since 1964. He was a television and movie star and wintered at the park when it was in private ownership. In 1989 when the state got involved and transitioned the park to Florida native animals, public outcry for the support of Lu, led the state to grant him special Florida citizenship in 1981. Lu recently turned 58 and is the oldest hippo in captivity.

Weeki Wachee Spring State Park

The mermaids at this park are one of the main attractions and have been performing since 1947.  This park is one of Florida’s oldest roadside attractions. The mermaids swim in a first magnitude spring that has a 400 seat submerged theater for watching the show. The mermaids swim in formations and patterns and use an air hose to get air as they need it. They even demonstrated eating an apple underwater! There are auditions to become a mermaid and the training takes almost a year!

We took a riverboat cruise down the Weeki Wachee River and it was unbelievably clear. We could see fish and we saw an anhinga swimming under the water going after a fish. The river was beautiful. We attended a nature talk about snakes and alligators. This alligator is about 3 years old!

All through the park there was paved sidewalks and trails that were attractively landscaped with natural habitat. As we took a stroll we came upon a flock of peacocks. This pretty guy was as curious about us a we were with him and came out onto the sidewalk to greet us.

It was as if he was saying “Take my picture”!

We have enjoyed seeing Florida and will continue to share our experiences with you.  Thanks for reading!

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T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Camping in the Panhandle

The next week of camping with Carol and Ann was spent at T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico across from the town of Port St. Joe.

The park is a 9.5-mile-long peninsula with white sand beaches with crystal clear aqua blue waters.

The beach at this park was rated as one of the best in the nation and the state park itself is rated as one of the best in the US.

We had learned about this state park from one of the RV travel bloggers that we regularly read, and it sounded like a place we wanted to go!

The park had a few nice boardwalks that were ADA accessible. One of the boardwalks was a half mile long and meandered through the flatwood pines and shrubs to the other loop in the campground.

There was also boardwalk access to the beach from both campground loops. Along the way you could sit on one of the benches to view the wildlife and birds.

A Hike on the Beach

There were several hiking and biking trails throughout the park. One of the trails that we really liked swept through large sand dunes of pines and shrubs and ended at a beautiful, desolate white sand beach.

If you like having the entire beach to yourself, then St. Josephs may be the place for you – of course we were visiting during the winter months – it may be totally different in the summer.

We sat for a long while to enjoy the peace and solitude.

We enjoyed flying our kites at this spot and found it worth the quarter mile hike to it. This beach was wide enough for two people to fly side by side.

Kathy flying earlier in the week when it was much colder!

Our camping trip with Carol and Ann proved to be somewhat chilly. Last week in the Stephen Foster State Park, several nights we had to disconnect our water hoses due to below freezing temperatures. One morning Carol texted us this picture of their water hose:

It was a bit chilly at the start of our week at T.H. Stone, however it warmed up and we were able to enjoy the beautiful park. Ann said last week was our week of culture and this week was our week of nature!

We did see several birds in this park and lots of surf fishermen. One morning we got up early to view the sunrise on the St. Joseph Bay side of the park and were lucky to get a great sunrise!

Early Morn Solitude

We drove to the bayside of the peninsula to watch this sunrise. We sipped our coffee while watching the sky turn pink. What better way to enjoy your morning cup of java!

Another sunrise view looking over some of the grasslands and marshes.

One Check off the Bucket List

One of the things that has been on our lists of things we want to do is to ride horses on the beach. Many of you know that we used to have horses and go riding quite a bit. We were finally able to fulfil this dream and we went on a one-hour trail ride along the Gulf of Mexico and the two of us were the only ones signed up for the ride! The ride was enjoyable, and we had a great day for it!

Not much skill required but riding along the water’s edge was serene. And the sun was shining which made it even more special.

One afternoon we hiked the Maritime Hammock trail which was a scenic walk along the bay through sand scrub and a coastal hammock. We saw lots of interesting vegetation.

We saw this and think it is some type of lichen.

Along the trail on the bayside, we found a horseshoe crab and lots of these little things. Carol later identified them as sea urchins.

The wind swept grasses made delicate sculptures in the sand.

What a great time we had camping with our friends in this lovely park.


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Stephen Foster State Park

The next couple of weeks we will be camping with our good friends Carol and Ann.  Today we are headed to north central Florida to visit Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park in the small quaint town of White Springs.

The park honors the memory of the American folk composer, Stephen Foster.  There is a museum that features several dioramas depicting stories from some of his most popular songs. Though most people may not know of Stephen Foster, they most-likely know many of his tunes:

Oh! Susanna
Camptown Races
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Old Folks at Home – which starts out, “Way down upon the Suwannee River,” this became the Florida State Song and the Stephan Foster State Park is on the banks of the Suwannee River.

The campground was very nice, and we had a site right next to Carol and Ann.  You can see their rig on the right.  The sites were deep and spacious and there was lots of vegetation between them for privacy.

The park has a Carillion Tower that has 97 bells in it that plays Foster tunes many times a day.  The bells were installed in 1958 and at that time, it was one of the largest instruments ever produced in the Western Hemisphere and was the world’s largest tubular carillon.  Unfortunately, the bells broke last April and have been silent since then.  The park is working to get a grant to fix the bells which may range from $30,000 to $190,000 depending on how far away they want the bells to be heard.

The park celebrates Florida’s cultural traditions and has a Craft Square where demonstrating artists share their talents.  The crafts included pottery, fabric, blacksmith, stained glass and basket making.  The craft square was near a gift shop that sold the works of the craftspeople.

This blacksmith, Al gave the four of us a private demonstration.  We also learned a lot about the different types of coal.  He was very happy to share his knowledge with us and answer all of our questions.  We bought a lover’s bell that was in the gift shop that Al had made.  The folk lore is that if you ring the bell, you get a free hug!

He made a few items, one being a drive hook which he is making in the picture below.  Drive hooks were made for hanging items in workshops or barns and had a sharp point on one end for driving into a wall, and a hook on the other end.

We visited the White Sulphur Springs site which once was a popular health resort that attracted large numbers of people to drink the water and bathe in the springs.  The structure in the picture was built in 1908 and housed the springs, a concession area and clinical examination and treatment rooms.  The springs were said to cure everything from rheumatism and indigestion to dandruff and insomnia!

The spring waters empty directly into the Suwannee River and had a flow of 28,000 gallons per minute.  We didn’t think we would want to go swimming here due to the alligator warning!

This is a picture along the banks of Suwannee River.  In it’s heyday, the Suwannee carried many passengers on paddle boats and steamers.  It starts in Fargo, Georgia and flows over 270 miles southward into the Gulf of Mexico.

We were extremely lucky to be at the Stephen Foster Park during the January celebration of Stephen Foster Day.  While we were at the park, the 67th Annual Jeanie & Stephen vocal audition was going on.  We enjoyed watching the participants performing in their period costumes.  The girl below was auditioning for the Jeanie part and was the winner.

The next afternoon there was a performance given by last year’s winners that was filled with music and was a joy to watch.

We were able to listen to live music 5 days!  We got to listen to Appalachian Dulcimer, piano, and folk jams with numerous people from the community and the volunteer park staff.  Many of the park volunteers at this park work here so they can participate in the folk jams and be surrounded by music lovers.  We enjoyed talking with our camp host Ron who played banjo and guitar at the jams.

It is always fun to check out local restaurants, even though this was the only restaurant in town!  We had heard good things about Fat Belly’s whose specialty was BBQ and fried catfish.  While we didn’t leave with “fat belly’s”, we certainly had “full belly’s”!

Left to right – Carol, Ann, Linda & Kathy

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?!?!?!?!


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Our Destination – Treasure Island, Fl

We spent some time with our friends and got our rig Minnie Pearl un-winterized and ready to head on some adventures.  The car and motorhome had to be thoroughly washed to get all the salt off.   It took three tries with the car, it was absolutely filthy – the salt stuck on like glue!

Getting off the grit!

Honey Bells and Ruby Reds

One thing we really wanted to do this trip in Florida was to buy some Honey Bell oranges.  A good friend in Delaware has talked about these oranges and we wanted to try them ourselves.  The Honey Bells are only available a few weeks a year!  We went to the Orange Shop in Citra FL and sampled lots of oranges and grapefruits!  

An orange farm in north central Florida

 We bought a bag of Honey Bells and a bag of Ruby Red grapefruits.  YUM!

Onto Fort Meyers and a Big Surprise!

Our destination was to the Fort Meyers area to visit some friends at an RV resort.  They are camped here for the winter and we stayed in their lanai.  They gave us a tour of the community and drove us around in a blue VW convertible beetle.  What fun!  It brought back memories of Linda’s old 77 VW beetle.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the visit.  We liked it so much that we have changed our plans for the winter and are going to rent a lot at the RV park for the month of February!  How about that?!?! It’s great being retired and being able to “go with the flow!”

Heidi’s pretty good about going with the flow as well. She chilled out on the 5 hour road trip to Fort Meyers.

Lots of Kites and White Sand Beaches

Our next destination was to Treasure Island, FL to attend the 2018 Treasure Island Sport Kite Championship.  It was sponsored by the Eastern League Sport Kite Association.  The beach at Treasure  Island was beautiful.

Plenty room to fly kites!



We have been to several sport kite competitions in Ocean City, MD; the Outer Banks and have especially enjoyed the Great Lakes Kite Festival at Grand Haven State Park in Michigan.  We saw several people we have met at the other festivals and competitions here in Treasure Island!  The kite ballets are our favorite event, where the kite flies to music and the flyer interprets the song into beautiful moves in the sky. 

We spent two full days at the festival and it was quite chilly!  One morning it was 39 degrees with the winds at 10 – 15 mph. 

Sunshine on Day Two!

The sun was out on the second day and by the afternoon the sky was filled with great big stationary kites while the competition with the stunt kites was going on.  Some of these kites are huge – there are some people in the pictures to give you some perspective.


We fly Revolution kites as you may remember from last years blog.  We especially enjoy seeing a large number of Revolution kites flying together to music.  This is a group called the RevRiders.

The Rev Riders – 8 kites! Look at all those lines!

They stand beside one another and fly in unison.  This is called team flying.  The Revolution kites are shaped like a bow tie and have four lines attached to two handles.  In team flying the lines are approximately 120 ft.  Multiply that times eight and that’s a lot of lines in the sky that could get tangled!  It requires quite a bit of skill and control, but they made it look easy!

The Rev Riders flying in formation to music. What a lovely site!

Our friend Lee, from Erie PA was at the festival and he had his stack of Revolution kites in the sky.

He is a master at kite flying and can make the kites dance and has extremely good control.  It is fun watching him interact with the crowd.

Lee flying his stack of 8 kites

We stayed at a nice dog friendly hotel about 5 blocks from the festival.  We had a kitchenette, so we only went out for dinner both weekend nights.

The hotel was modest but clean and extremely convenient to the festival.

We did have a view of the water and a great place to walk Heidi.   

The view from our room

Kathy was cleaning up from breakfast when she looked out the window and saw something looking at her!

This Snowy Egret was looking right at me!

I was out taking Heidi for a walk, when I captured this picture.  

Kathy made a friend and called him Sammy.

 This was a special memory and we enjoyed giving Sammy some doughnuts.  After his belly was full, he went on his way.

Treasure Island was a hoppin’ place and we enjoyed the energetic vibe. And it’s always fun when you see some interesting and unique people.  This lady pulled up beside us at a traffic light.

 We are looking forward to spending the month of February here to explore the area more and get some kite flying in!




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Brrr! It’s Cold Outside!

We found that packing Minnie Pearl in the bitter cold of this winter has been very challenging. Temperatures were below 10 degrees most of the time. We were afraid to put too much in the camper for fear of it freezing. So that left most of the packing to be done the last 2 days before we departed.

Hooking up the toad with bare hand – not fun!

Day 1 of Packing – not smooth sailing!

We pulled the camper out of the shed and we noticed that the tires needed air. We proceeded to put air in the tires during the bitter cold. However, when filling the third tire it was so dang cold that the air compressor hose snapped. It was very startling because it let off a loud bang. The wind chill was below zero so we decided to try to call a local service center in the nearby town to see if we could get them to put air in the tires. They said sure, bring it on in. We should have thought of that in the first place! Now all the tires were properly inflated.

 We got back home and continued our packing. About an hour later we noticed that the right front tire was extremely low and undriveable. So, we spent the next couple of hours driving around town to try to find parts to fix the air compressor.  Meanwhile, time was ticking away, and this was not how we wanted to spend the last two days of packing.  It was late afternoon and we were finally able to inflate the tire.

 We kept a close eye on the pressure but noticed it had lost about 10 pounds. We could feel air seeping out and it seemed to be near the valve stem extender. We called the shop back, but they couldn’t fit us in the next day.  So, we called a brand-new shop in our town and they said they could look at it immediately. By now it was close to getting dark!  We were happy to hear that it was just the valve stem extender that was leaking!  We were ecstatic to find out that there was nothing wrong with the tire and that all we had to do was take off the valve stem extender.  We also learned that they can service our motorhome and the garage could accommodate the 10 ft height.  So despite all the tire trouble, something good came out of it!

Southward Bound

We got on the road Friday morning around 6:45 a.m. The temperature was -3 degrees and we had had 2 inches of fresh powdery snow.

Linda shoveled a pathway to make packing a little easier.

It was still snowing for the first hour or so of our trip but the drive wasn’t bad. We had some very wet roads with lots of salt when the trucks passed us we got splashed very bad.

Minnie Pearl needs a bath!

 We were lucky to have a decent driving day.  The salt on the vehicles will wash off.

Our silver Focus is now white from all the salt.

We drove a lot through the mountains and going up and down the hills and drove about 420 miles. We stopped for the night at a campground in Elkin, North Carolina where we had made reservations. It was a very small campground with only 11 sites. It is part of a farm and there were cattle mooing at Heidi when we took her for a walk.  Since we had electric at the site we were able to use our little electric quartz space heater and keep warm overnight.

Our campsite at the Byrd Branch Campground in Elkin, NC. There was only one other camper in the campground.

 Day Two and We’re Off!

Day two started with our morning temperature being 4 degrees. It was a nice day for a drive and we enjoyed the temperatures rising throughout the day and the sun was shining! When we got into Georgia the temperature was in the low 40s. It felt like summer to us after all the bitter cold we have been living through.  We stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center to have lunch in our RV.

Heidi enjoyed going for a walk in the warmer temperatures and being able to see the grass again. Our ground had been snow-covered most of December. 

We arrived at our friend’s house in Palatka, FL and were warmly welcomed.  We will be staying here a few days before heading down the road on our next adventure.  It felt great to be in warm, sunny FL even though the temperatures are below normal. 




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Winter Get-a-way 2018

 Traveling with a TOAD!!???

We have been busy the last few months preparing for our winter trip.  It is so exciting to begin another journey in our motorhome, Minnie Pearl!  The biggest change this year is that we will be towing our car with us – commonly called a TOAD.  Our friends in Florida gave us their Blue Ox tow bar and Brake Buddy and we were able to use those pieces to get everything ready to go.  We had to buy a base plate to install on the front of our car so that the tow bar could attach to it.

Base Plate Installation

While we were at the RV shop, we took some pictures of the installation.

Towing installation inside Starr’s Trailer Sales

Here’s the rig in our driveway after our first trip home from the shop.

Tow bar set up

5-Star Tuning

In preparation for towing our car one thing we did was install a 5-star tuner.  This is a custom tuning to the engine chip to enhance performance.  The stock tuning for our E-350 van is for a lightweight van.  Our motorhome is around 12,000 lbs., and it dogged going up hills.  We were concerned that it wouldn’t have enough power to pull the car in mountainous areas.

The tuner was pretty easy to install.  The tuner came in the mail and I followed the instructions to obtain some information from our engine, which is the Ford Triton V-10.  I then sent the information to 5-star Tuning and within a few days we had the software program specific to our vehicle.  After installing the software onto the tuner, we took the tuner out to the motorhome and plugged it into the OBDC II port under the steering wheel.  It walked me through installing the new tune software and then backed up the original factory tune.

The test drive around the area proved that we had a little more pep and the shifting points were better.  When we towed the car home there was no lag or slowing down in the steeper hills.  We will have to see the overall performance, but so far, we are happy with it.

 Installing a New Macerator System

Minnie Pearl has a macerator system for dumping.  For those who don’t know what that is: the macerator grinds the black matter (poop!!!) and disperses it through a hose at the dump station.  We really like it.  It makes dumping effortless.  It’s all self-contained and there is no setting up, unhooking and cleaning a large hose.


The drawback of the macerator on Minnie Pearl is that there is a rather low ground clearance and we have damaged it twice.  Now we are extra cautious while making a left turn going up hills or when going over areas with lots of ruts.

The first time we damaged it, I installed a new macerator system.

New Macerator System

It was a bit labor intensive as the electrical wiring had to be re-configured for the new pump.  It worked great until not too long afterwards, we damaged it again.  The second time I was able to order a specific part for it under warranty and it was much easier to fix.

I asked Phoenix about this design flaw and they said that for some of the models of motorhomes, the rear placement of the bathroom necessitated the macerator being very far aft.  This causes the potential of a bump of the macerator pump when backing up or going over bumpy areas.  The suggestion to prevent some of the potential for damage is to install skid wheels on the back bumper.  We may get this done next time we visit the factory.  For now, we just intend to be super cautious when backing up or going over bumpy areas.  As a backup, we do carry the standard “stinky slinky” 4” hose and can use it without the macerator pump.

Restringing the Blinds

It’s really annoying when the blinds in the motorhome won’t stay up.  Last year towards the end of the trip, there was a large blind that would not stay up.  We used Velcro to wrap around it as a temporary fix.  We considered buying new blinds, but researched it and saw that they could be repaired, even though it could be a tedious task.

Thanks to the RV Geeks instructional video, the job wasn’t too difficult.  Now the blinds are in good working order.   We had purchased a blind repair kit at Camping World over the summer which had enough material in it to repair 5 blinds.  The key thing in repairing the blind according to the RV Geeks blind tutorial is to document how it is currently strung while you take it apart.  They suggested drawing a diagram – we did that and used color coding as the strings crisscross numerous times.

Diagram of the blinds


Pleated Blind Re-Stringing Installation

We had to replace the strings in a large blind, it took about one hour and was not bad!  The blind is only about 18” long and it took about 6’ of string for each of the 4 lines!  We had another blind that also needed attention, and we were able to adjust the tension on the knots on that one because the strings were not worn.  Yeah!  One repair down…. many more to go.

Reflectix Window Coverings

Last year while camping in Quartzite and the Chiricahua National Monument, there were mornings it was downright cold!  Even with our Mr.Buddy propane heater, when you wake up with an inside temperature in the 30’s, it takes a while to get the inside of the RV warm.  We talked to one of our RVing Women friends, Susan, and she showed us the inside of her rig.  She uses Reflectix panels cut to size for the windows to provide insulation over each window.  Reflectix is a foil insulation with packing bubbles inside of it!  Then  she covers the window area with a wool blanket pinned to the curtains around the sleeping area.  We have cut Reflectix panels for all our windows and added some pieces around the bottom edge of the bed on the outside walls.

Picture shows Reflectix on bedroom windows

It was not hard to cut, and we hope it will add a lot of warmth to the RV this year.

Chair Carrier

We bought new camping chairs for this year’s trip!  Believe me, it was not an easy process – you won’t believe how many chairs we tried out!  While camping with RVing Women friends this summer in Ohio and, we tried out all their chairs along with many others at stores.  We liked one chair our friends had, and it was from Camping World.  On our trek to the Camping World in Akron, OH this summer, we found the same chair and bought two of them.  They are full size, light weight (7 lbs.) folding chairs.

Another item we bought was a ladder chair rack, so we can stow the chairs on our outside ladder while driving.  We didn’t want to have the chairs exposed to the elements and get dirty during our travels so Kathy came up with the idea to create our own chair cover out of a tarp!  To escape the cold weather, we brought our folding ladder into the house, and hung the ladder rack on it.  Then we began the design process of covering our chairs.  We used industrial strength Velcro to allow us to fully enclose the chairs – like a package!  Here is a picture of the completed project:

Custom Chair Cover

Counting the Days

We are looking forward to getting out of the winter weather soon!  It is frigid here in northwest PA and the cold weather is making it difficult to pack our things for fear of freezing!  We can’t take numerous things out to the camper yet so the last day or two will be busy.  A couple of days ago we ran two space heaters in Minnie Pearl prior to going out and in a couple of hours the inside temperature rose from 11 degrees to 31 degrees!  Still to cold to stay out for very long!

We will be heading to Florida soon and seeing friends and family, enjoying some kite flying and watching, and camping with our Florida friends for 2 weeks!  Then we will be heading west to enjoy some time in Texas and New Mexico.  We will keep you posted!

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