Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

March 2017

Anza-Borrego is a beautiful state park in Borrego Springs, CA which is in the southern part of California.  With over 400,000 acres of desert wilderness, there is a diverse population of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants.  There are several hikes throughout the area and if you take a hike in the back country you may be lucky enough to see one of the 600 bighorn sheep living in the remote terrain of the Peninsula Ranges.  The springtime blooms attract thousands in late February through March.

Lots Desert Blooms – Lots of People

We visited Anza-Borrego on two separate weekends in March and found it to be excessively crowded.   Everyone was there to see the spring blooms just as we were.  Even though we very much enjoyed seeing the desert flowers, it is a trade-off of dealing with the crowds.  We weren’t able to get a campsite in the state park; however, there are several neat boondocking spots around.  We ended up boondocking in the Rock House BLM area during both of the weekends we were there.

camping in Anz-Borrego

Our boondocking site just off Rock House Road on BLM land.

Much of the time we drove around looking at all the flowers in bloom, which is evident in this post.  We had lots of fun identifying the different variety of flowers from the guide we received at the visitor center.

Linda in field of sunflowers Anza Borrego

Linda in a field of Desert Sunflowers

We couldn’t pass up this beautiful field of Dandelions.  There was an orange grove right beside it and the smell of the orange blossoms were wonderfully fragrant.

During our first weekend at the park, we saw this tree.  We stopped to see the same tree on the way back the following weekend and you can see a noticeable difference in the amount of blooms in one week!

A Palo Verde tree sitting among a meadow of Desert Dandelions - Anza Borrego

A Palo Verde tree sitting among a meadow of Desert Dandelions.

We tried to wait until no one was in the shot – but there were many more people out looking at the desert blooms on week two!

field of dandelions - Anza Borrego

Palo Verde tree in field of dandelions – one week later.

Further down the road we came upon this lovely field of lavender and white.

Arizona Lupine and Prickly Poppy

Arizona Lupine and Prickly Poppy

Identifying flowers – oh what fun!

Below are some of the flowers we captured and were able to identify from the flower guide.

Prickly Poppy

Prickly Poppy

Desert Sunflower

Desert Sunflower

Desert Chicory

Desert Chicory

Sand Verbena

Sand Verbena is the delicate lavender flower. Primrose is the white flower with the red-yellow center.

Desert Lily

Desert Lily

The Town of Borrego Springs

The town of Borrego Springs is very attractive.  There is a court yard in the center of town where people congregate to sit and relax, enjoy a picnic or to use the wi-fi that is available.  We went there a couple of time to post a blog because we had no reception in the desert.

Another fun attraction in Borrego Springs are the metal sculptures.  There are a 130 amazing full-size sculptures that were created by the artist, Ricardo Breceda.

As you drive through the roads around the area you’ll see sculptures of wild horses, sabertooth tigers, desert tortoises, mammoth elephants, camel, sloths and many more.  The artist did a wonderful job creating these life-like sculptures in motion.

One of our favorites is this 350 ft. serpent that undulates through the ground and under a road.


A giant serpent – don’t get too close!

These sculptures were so life-like and in proportion to size of the real animal or creature the artist was creating.


Mother camel and it’s young.



Elephant Scultpures

We would like to come back again, enjoy some hikes, do more desert camping, walk around the town and patronize the fresh produce stands….just enjoy this beautiful area in it’s entirety!

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