The Famous Burros of Oatman, AZ

March 11-12, 2017

We left Anza Borrego and it turned out to be a pretty warm day with a high of 94 degrees, so we were glad to be driving most of the day in the comfort of the air conditioner.  Our destination is Oatman, AZ to see the burros, but after a long days drive,  we decided to stop in Earp, CA and camp at a BLM campground on the Colorado River.  As luck would have it, we got the last available campsite.  Although it wasn’t right on the water, it sat back in a quiet spot and we could still see the river.  Besides with Kathy’s senior park pass, our fee was a grand $2.50!  Not too shabby!  As it turned out, we were happy to be further from the water because the river was busy with motor boats zooming up and down.

campsite near Colorado River

Our site near the Colorado River

A lovely sunset appears – what a nice way to end the evening with a couple of cold brews!


Just another beautiful sunset!

Braying Burros in the Night!

At 1 am we were awoken abruptly with the sound of a wild animal.  After a minute or two, we realized we were hearing the braying of burros!  Yes, several burros were invading our campground and they were loud!  Kathy very much wanted to go out in her pj’s to see them, but decided it would be best not to add to the disruption of the night.  Eventually we shut the bedroom window to abate the noise and managed to get back to sleep.  Besides tomorrow, we’re going to Oatman, AZ to see the wild burro’s that walk through the town.

The next morning, the river started coming alive at 7 am.  When Kathy looks to see what is making the loud noise, we are surprised to see a sea plane whiz down the river right before taking off.

Country Roads and a Beautiful Drive

The town of Oatman, AZ is on historic Rt. 66.  It was a very beautiful drive through desert mountains with flowers in bloom.  There was a long distance bicycle race in progress with a couple hundred bikes spread out over ~ 50 miles so we had to keep slowing down to pass the bikes on the two land road.

view going into Oatman, AZ

A mountain view of wildflowers

Lots of Burros and Tourists in Historic Oatman, AZ

The burros in Oatman were used in the mining days and when the mines closed, the miners left behind the burros. Now the burros have become a main attraction of the town.  The burro’s wander into town each morning to get fed and then go back into the mountains in the evening.  We fed the burro’s blocks of alfalfa which we bought for $1.00.  The burros were so full; we couldn’t even get rid of our bag of feed!  The lady selling it, said to be careful the burros don’t take the whole bag from you.


Oh gosh, I think Kathy over fed the borro!

There was a plaque in Oatman that said, if it weren’t for the burros, you wouldn’t be here!  That about sums it up!

Main Street

Main Street of Historic Oatman

We also watched a gun fight and spent about and spent about an hour walking around the town and were ready to move on.  It was hot and there were quite a lot of tourists.

gas station

Original gas station

The only way out of Oatman was a steep, windy and NARROW two lane road up and over a 6000’ mountain.  Yikes – it was intense!  However, at the top of the mountain there was a beautiful view with a large pullout, so we ate lunch there.

windy road

Windy road leaving Oatman, AZ

We took a walk and found an old cemetery and memorial site with both people and animals remembered.


Old cemetery on mountainside near Oatman

Laying over in the Kaibab National Forest

The day went by fast and about dusk we pulled off I-40 at exit 151.  To our surprise as soon as we exited, we were on a dirt road.  This was the Kaibab National Forest.  How strange to exit off an interstate onto a dirt road with nothing but forest and fields.

 exit off I-10

I-40 Exit 151 – the road to nowhere!

We had hoped to make it a little further, but it was getting dark.  We found a really nice campsite next to a cottonwood tree.  Although, it felt a bit eerie camping so close to the interstate and being the only campers in this roadside wilderness!


Campsite at Kaibab National Forest off I-40

Soon after we settle in we watched a beautiful sunset!


What a way to celebrate the end of a wonderful day. Can it get any better?

The next morning the moon greeted us at sunrise!


Good morning, moon!

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6 Responses to The Famous Burros of Oatman, AZ

  1. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    I kinda wished your trip did not have an end…will miss these blogs.

  2. Leah says:

    That sunset is incredible— I am obsessed. So glad you had such an amazing trip. Hope I get to see you both when I am back stateside one of these times soon! <3

    • lkhearts says:

      We know you are enjoying the sunsets in Madagascar being a beach bum. (Ha Ha) Some of your photos are incredible as well! We love the fashion statements! Hope to see you when you get back to the states.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Love the sunrise picture with the moon. Arizona has some fantastic sunset and sunrise pictures.
    You mentioned leaving Anza Borrega but I don’t see anything else about the area. Did you get to see all the statues?
    Very much enjoying your blogs!

    • lkhearts says:

      The Anza-Borrego post is coming up next. We visited the park at two different times in March. We saw several of the metal sculptures, but not all of them. We have posted a few pics in the upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

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