Visiting Friends at Chula Vista

March 6 – March 10 2017

We arrived at Chula Vista RV Resort on Monday to visit our friends Gordon & Lida from Erie PA.  You may remember that Gordon stopped by to visit us on his way out to San Diego while we were in Yuma AZ.  They have a 5th wheeler that they use  a couple of months a year at Chula Vista, CA and when they heard when we were going to be in Arizona, they asked us to come on over to San Diego to stay a few days for a visit.  The time was really special and we truly enjoyed it.

Chula Vista – what a lovely place!

Chula Vista Resort

Chula Vista is an upscale RV resort located on the San Diego bay.

landscape at Chula Vista

It is beautifully landscaped throughout the resort.


There is a lovely pool which offers daily aerobic exercises in the morning.

Chula Vista Swimming Pool

A view of the swimming pool


Chula Vista swimming pool

A place to relax and soak up the sun

There are 236 very large sites surrounding the resort.  Some of them offer views of the marina.


We felt small next to everyone else. Our site could fit two Minnie Pearls!

Play More and Work Less!

We got to play a lot in San Diego flying kites, paddle boarding, riding our bikes on the San Diego Bayshore Bike Way and hanging out with Gordon and Lida.

flying kits

Lida, Doc and Linda flying Rev kites


Paddle boarding

Kathy paddling in Chula Vista Marina

paddle boarding

Linda on the paddle board

One of Heidi’s favorite things to do was taking long walks in the grass!  She sure has missed the grass!


“Oh, how, I love this grass! Finally no sticker burrs and I can walk around!”

She hates the desert thorns and spikes – we have had to pull numerous thorns out of her feet.

The resort had a lovely dog walk with artificial grass for the doggies to enjoy.

pic of Heidi

“Get me off of this fake grass! It feels funny on my paws!!!!”

One of the more popular amenities was a doggie wash.  Three different sizes and hot water to boot!

dog wash

“Oh man…….do I have to get a bath…????”

We also got to tour some of San Diego seeing the Navy bases, the Silver Strand, Coronado Bridge, Seaport Village and the harbor.  Gordon’s brother, Lee, also from Erie, came in for a couple of days on his way to a big kite party in Huntington Beach, CA.  We all flew kites together and went out for a nice dinner. Wish we had gotten a picture of all us together, but we were having too much fun to think of it!

It was nice to see everyone in the winter and get to fly kites and paddleboard in March!  How awesome is that!  We could get used to this……..

Marine at Chula Vista

Chula Vista Marina



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  1. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Awesome…great memories…beautiful pictures…looking forward to seeing you soon at Presque Isle Sunset Beach on Lake Erie.

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