Deciding to Head Home

March 19-23, 2017

Bluewater Lake State Park

Upon leaving Canyon de Chalet we drove all day to Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico.  We had decided it was time to head home.  At that point we weren’t sure which route to take towards home.  Bluewater Lake State Park was a nice park, but we were disappointed in it because we had headed there to get showers!  When we got there, the shower building was under construction and therefore, no showers tonight!  We had been boondocking the last few nights and were looking forward to a shower.  The park had lots of sites and a large day use area.

Our campsite at Bluewater Lake State Park. We had a view of the lake.

It is a large and beautiful lake that has lots of boating, fishing, swimming and camping.

View of Bluewater Lake

There were also wild horses there in the area.  We did see some horses across the lake at sunset.  The horses are said to be Navajo horses that are free range horses that come down to the lake to drink.

You can also camp as close to the lake as you like.

We found the park to be in a beautiful setting but it was very noisy with the boats and boom boxes and we couldn’t believe the amount of trash people had left behind.

A Decision is Made

During our drive that day we texted our good friends in Florida and asked them if they were up for some visitors.  Much to our surprise, they said yes, yes, and yes!  That determined our route across the United States and we morphed into what we call our “Travel Mode”.  We hit the highways and beamed Minnie Pearl across the country for Florida! After all what’s an extra 1000 miles or so, when you can visit such special friends!

First Stop in Travel Mode

During our drive we had some interesting stops along the way.  Our first night after leaving New Mexico was Childress, Texas.  We were using one of our camping apps and got lost trying to find the place.  After what seemed like a long while, we stopped in a gas station to find the campground, never did find the one we were looking for and ended up putting in a 500 mile day when we finally found a place to stay for the night.

We stayed at Fair Park for $15.00 per night and there was a 3 day limit.


Our campsite at the at Fair Park.

We have found that there are a lot of small towns that have parks or fair grounds with camping.  This park provided electric and water hookups and picnic tables on cement pads.  There were a total of 5 sites.   It was a very nice park, nicely landscaped with lots of green grass.  It also had a small pond that you could walk around.

View of all the campsites.

We met Fred and Edna

The next morning we were checking the rig’s tires and doing our walkabout and we met Fred and Edna, an older couple.  They were quite chatty and were talking to Kathy while Linda was putting air in one tire that had been having a slow leak.  Fred was a retired minister and Edna had been his piano player for the last 26 years.  He was quite a joker. With a ornery gleam in his eyes, he told Kathy that he and his wife were celebrating their one year anniversary, but that he was having a hard time training her!  He said that Edna was a widower, but his first wife just up and ran off!  Not true, I’m sure.  Every time he made a wisecrack, his sweet wife would smile and roll her eyes.  As we were about to leave, it was obvious he had something else to say.  We were surprised and a bit amused when he asked, “You are Hillary people, aren’t you?  Well I am for Trump and I think America will be great again!”   We just smiled and headed down the road.

Minneola, Texas

Tuesday we put in a shorter day – 324 miles and stopped in Minneola at the Civic Center for $28 per night.  The civic center had a surprising number of sites and was right by a large soccer field complex.  We met a family of four that full timed and talked with the father and two kids for a while and traded some stories.

Livingston, Louisiana

We finally got out of Texas on Wednesday and made it into Louisiana.  We stopped in Livingston, LA for a total of 398 miles.  There were not too many campgrounds to pick from that were reasonable since we were in the New Orleans stretch.  We ended up paying $38 with some great discounts the clerk gave us.  The campground was a huge fancy campground with large rigs and Minnie Pearl was definitely a midget again!  We took Heidi for a nice walk around the lake and watched some white swans swimming.

Falling Water State Park, Florida

Thursday we put in 333 miles and stopped in Florida’s Falling Water State Park.  We really like Falling Waters in Pennsylvania, which is a Frank Lloyd Wright home, but this park did not live up to its name!  We got in around 4 pm and were asleep by 8 pm!  The long days of driving finally caught up to us.  We took a 2 mile walk around the sinkholes and saw some of the terrain.

There was a lovely pond in a wooded setting that offered swimming.

Florida’s tallest waterfall is in the park at 73 feet.  We were underwhelmed to see the waterfall, especially since we hiked quite a distance to see the view.  The waterfall was just a trickle to us!

The sites were very rough and not level, but we were happy to have AC.  We slept fine and got an early start the next morning!

Hot diggity!  Tomorrow we will be arriving at our friend’s house.  We are sooo excited to see them!

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