Our Destination – Treasure Island, Fl

We spent some time with our friends and got our rig Minnie Pearl un-winterized and ready to head on some adventures.  The car and motorhome had to be thoroughly washed to get all the salt off.   It took three tries with the car, it was absolutely filthy – the salt stuck on like glue!

Getting off the grit!

Honey Bells and Ruby Reds

One thing we really wanted to do this trip in Florida was to buy some Honey Bell oranges.  A good friend in Delaware has talked about these oranges and we wanted to try them ourselves.  The Honey Bells are only available a few weeks a year!  We went to the Orange Shop in Citra FL and sampled lots of oranges and grapefruits!  

An orange farm in north central Florida

 We bought a bag of Honey Bells and a bag of Ruby Red grapefruits.  YUM!

Onto Fort Meyers and a Big Surprise!

Our destination was to the Fort Meyers area to visit some friends at an RV resort.  They are camped here for the winter and we stayed in their lanai.  They gave us a tour of the community and drove us around in a blue VW convertible beetle.  What fun!  It brought back memories of Linda’s old 77 VW beetle.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the visit.  We liked it so much that we have changed our plans for the winter and are going to rent a lot at the RV park for the month of February!  How about that?!?! It’s great being retired and being able to “go with the flow!”

Heidi’s pretty good about going with the flow as well. She chilled out on the 5 hour road trip to Fort Meyers.

Lots of Kites and White Sand Beaches

Our next destination was to Treasure Island, FL to attend the 2018 Treasure Island Sport Kite Championship.  It was sponsored by the Eastern League Sport Kite Association.  The beach at Treasure  Island was beautiful.

Plenty room to fly kites!



We have been to several sport kite competitions in Ocean City, MD; the Outer Banks and have especially enjoyed the Great Lakes Kite Festival at Grand Haven State Park in Michigan.  We saw several people we have met at the other festivals and competitions here in Treasure Island!  The kite ballets are our favorite event, where the kite flies to music and the flyer interprets the song into beautiful moves in the sky. 

We spent two full days at the festival and it was quite chilly!  One morning it was 39 degrees with the winds at 10 – 15 mph. 

Sunshine on Day Two!

The sun was out on the second day and by the afternoon the sky was filled with great big stationary kites while the competition with the stunt kites was going on.  Some of these kites are huge – there are some people in the pictures to give you some perspective.


We fly Revolution kites as you may remember from last years blog.  We especially enjoy seeing a large number of Revolution kites flying together to music.  This is a group called the RevRiders.

The Rev Riders – 8 kites! Look at all those lines!

They stand beside one another and fly in unison.  This is called team flying.  The Revolution kites are shaped like a bow tie and have four lines attached to two handles.  In team flying the lines are approximately 120 ft.  Multiply that times eight and that’s a lot of lines in the sky that could get tangled!  It requires quite a bit of skill and control, but they made it look easy!

The Rev Riders flying in formation to music. What a lovely site!

Our friend Lee, from Erie PA was at the festival and he had his stack of Revolution kites in the sky.

He is a master at kite flying and can make the kites dance and has extremely good control.  It is fun watching him interact with the crowd.

Lee flying his stack of 8 kites

We stayed at a nice dog friendly hotel about 5 blocks from the festival.  We had a kitchenette, so we only went out for dinner both weekend nights.

The hotel was modest but clean and extremely convenient to the festival.

We did have a view of the water and a great place to walk Heidi.   

The view from our room

Kathy was cleaning up from breakfast when she looked out the window and saw something looking at her!

This Snowy Egret was looking right at me!

I was out taking Heidi for a walk, when I captured this picture.  

Kathy made a friend and called him Sammy.

 This was a special memory and we enjoyed giving Sammy some doughnuts.  After his belly was full, he went on his way.

Treasure Island was a hoppin’ place and we enjoyed the energetic vibe. And it’s always fun when you see some interesting and unique people.  This lady pulled up beside us at a traffic light.

 We are looking forward to spending the month of February here to explore the area more and get some kite flying in!




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