Exploring the Atlantic Side – Ft. Pierce, FL

Camping at Savanna’s Recreation Area

Our time in Ft. Myers went by fast.  On March 1st we drove across the state of Florida to spend some time exploring the Atlantic coast.  From the blogs we read we heard that Savanna’s Recreation Area was a nice campground, so we made reservations .  Luckily some space opened up and we were able to book 4 nights.  The park is a St. Lucie county parks and recreation area campground and it sure measured up to the reviews.  The campground protected 550 acres and 5 different biological communities.  The area is great for fishing, bird watching, kayaking and enjoying the outdoors.  Wildlife in the area includes sand hill cranes, great blue herons, hawks, ospreys, gopher tortoises, alligators, bobcats and river otters. 

This is a really nice place!

The campground was nice, and we had a site that backed up to a golf course.   There are only 60 sites, but this campground feels really large and spaced out due to several different camping areas along the river and the vast savannas.

See the Sandhill crane at the very rear of our site!

We were privileged to see sand hill cranes at our site several times and quite often in the early morn, we were surprised to see one or two a few feet from our door.  The campsites were spaced fairly well and they all had full hookups. 

Heidi really enjoyed this campground and we went to the dog park every day during her walk.  Of course she didn’t partake in the obstacles.

We took advantage of the bike/hike trail and rode our bikes to the end of the trail a few times. 

The beginning of the bike and walking trail

This trail was cement the entire way and ended about 1.5 miles up at a railroad trestle.  We were on our way back from our first bike ride when we ran into a lady who warned us about a momma alligator that was at the end of the path.  She said the path had been closed until a couple of days ago because the momma was aggressive.  We had been standing at the end of the path taking pictures!  We only saw the tracks where she had come up from the water onto the end of the path.  Here are our bikes standing there while we are taking pictures:

The area was very beautiful, so we captured a few shots.

Palm trees looked over the river that ran through the park.


The Savannahs are situated on the east side of the park where one can watch a lovely sunrise.


Throughout the park is a variety of terrain that is both unique and eerie.

This campground had a lot of nice open areas and we always try to keep in mind places that we could fly our kites.  There were several fields like this one:

Wide open grassy fields like this one, make it an ideal place to fly.

There were lots of little trails to explore that went throughout the park.  

Rustic paths made the walk quite pleasant!

There are picnic and recreation areas for day use where campers would meet and talk.

The pavilions offered a shelter where people could meet and talk.

Also, along the river there were individual shelters with a picnic table for people to enjoy and watch for alligators.

Split rail fences add to the beauty of this place.


And the Atlantic Ocean was pretty close!  

There were two islands – North Hutchinson Island and South Hutchinson Island that had lots of beaches and free parking.  We explored both islands and numerous beaches.  There was even access for horseback riding at Frederick Douglas beach on the south island.  We visited the dog beach—Walton Rocks and watched people playing with their dogs.  We found a nice place to fly our kites and flew a few times.

Linda had to use her full vent on this windy day!


The beaches were pretty wide and open.


Few people with lots of space for relaxing!


In the distance, you can see the high-rise motels in Fort Pierce in this picture.

At the main pier in Fort Pierce, there was lots of activity going on including fishing, relaxing, walking on the pier.

Ft. Pierce pier

It was pretty windy a couple of days while we were in the area and we got to enjoy watching some kite boarders having fun in the wind.  Some of them were doing jumps and flips!

Look out kite boarder! You might get run over by that tug boat!

What an awesome museum!

We spent one morning visiting the National Navy Seal Museum.  The museum was opened in 1985 and has become a museum of national stature.  This museum is on the training site of the original Navy Frogmen before the SEALs existed. 

There is an extensive collection of watercraft, helicopters and displays from each of the wars that the United States has been involved in.

You can sit inside this Blackhawk and watch real war action footage.

There is a Navy SEAL obstacle course on site.  It looks pretty grueling.

We had a little fun and tried a couple of obstacles.  Linda kept saying, “Hurry up – get that picture!”

We didn’t know that dogs have played a real part of the SEALs mission.  There was a nice display on Barry, the first SEAL dog. 

It’s a privilege to sit next to Barry!

We don’t visit a lot of museums, but this one was well worth the time.  It was very informative and well done.  We recommend a visit if you are nearby!

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