February Continues in North Ft. Myers, FL

We wanted to share some more experiences we had while we were staying in North Fort Myers. We visited the power plant park in Lee County to view more manatees. This is a place where manatees congregate when the ocean is cold. We had been told that if you get there at the right time, the manatees are almost back to back in the canal.

Although we got to the power plant shortly after we arrived in Fort Myers, it had been warming up so we only saw a couple of manatees at the park. We did enjoy talking with a very knowledgeable volunteer about the manatees and learning some more about them.

There is a famous Florida attraction called The Shell Factory that we visited a couple of times. It was about a mile from our camp. It’s claim to fame is that it is the biggest gift shop in the world. They host special events quite frequently, such as biker night, school events, dog water jumping events and other specialty events. We went to see the Budweiser Clydesdales full hitch show one afternoon. The team arrived in three semi-trailers! We watched the eight horses as they got their harnesses and tack put on. Then they were walked up to the wagon and attached in their position in the team.

The driver and the Dalmatian dog Barley showed up when the horses were all hitched.

The two lead horses were named Ivan and Master! It was fun to watch them get hitched up and start down the trail.

Hey guys, smile for the picture!

The team is based out of New Hampshire but is on the road most of the time. The trailers the horses ride in are not air conditioned which surprised us. The attendant said that the trailers are heavily insulated and that the horses have fans. He said if they got to comfortable, being workhorses, they would not want to work if they got used to the air conditioning.

We enjoyed driving around the area and exploring some small towns. This picture is of the town of Punta Gorda in Charlotte County. It was especially colorful and we enjoyed walking through the shopping area.

We have also seen numerous harbors and find them peaceful and enjoyable to look at. It is fun to sit and watch the boats, sailors and fishermen and birds at these locations. This is a harbor shot from Parrot Key.

We will close with a couple of pictures of wildlife that we got to enjoy. Thanks for reading!


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