Friends are Golden

One of the best things about spending the winter in Florida is the close proximity to our dearest friends, Carol and Ann.  You may remember from a previous post that we camped together in January for a couple of weeks.  We have also stopped by for visits a couple of times during our stay in Florida this winter.  How fun!

Our friendship began several years ago as friends to go camping with.  When they retired and moved to Florida, we were sad, but excited for them as well.  Throughout the years we have continued our friendship and visit them almost every year at their home.  We know that Carol and Ann are one-in-a-million kinds of friends and we didn’t want distance to be the culprit of a lost and rare friendship.  I guess you can say we consider them family.

When we are together, we always have a great time.  We don’t have to do a lot.  Just hanging out with them in their beautiful home, enjoying great conversations, laughing together and working on projects, that’s what it is all about….being together and enjoying one another!

There are always projects on the to-do list!

It has kind of become a tradition to work on projects with them over the years.  And we love helping out, besides we’re not the sitting around type of folks.  Usually there is yard work to attend to.  This year we spread 80 bags of mulch!

There are a lot of trees on their property and an area on their property that is a protected wildlife refuge.  On this day there were a few trees that needed to be trimmed.

Ann is working hard at it.  We take turns so we can cut more trees.  Good team work!

Some of their trees were lost or damaged by Hurricane Irma.  Nature took this tree, but left a beautiful imprint.

Can you have fun at the dump?

You bet your boots, you can!  As a matter of fact, we made two trips to the dump.

And would you believe that we saw several bald eagles.  Look and you’ll see them perched on some debris.


There were some camping projects and experiments to we toyed around with.

Trying a project out on Bugsy (Carol & Ann’s motorhome)

We do some fishing on the St. Johns River.

The St Johns river flows north and is the longest river in Florida at a whopping 330 miles long.  Their house backs up to the beautiful St. John’s River and they have a pier that is perfect to fish from.   Carol has lots of fishing gear and Kathy was excited for her very first fishing experience! Carol is checking Kathy’s line to see if the fish is still on or if the big one got away!

Oh how relaxing it is sitting out on a beautiful sunny day looking out at the water and waiting for a fish.

Carol waits for the big catch!

Ann is deep in thought… probably wondering how many fish we are going to reel in!

Kathy catches her first fish!

This big guy was heavy to real in.  You should have seen the bend of her rod….or better yet the excitement on her face as she struggled to reel in her first big catch, a Catfish.

Linda releases the catfish.

We all caught an equal share of fish.  We each reeled in at least one of these fish and think they are called bowfin fish.

Bowfin fish have been around for 150 million years.  Carol talked to some locals who said they had never seen one on the river.  We caught several of them!

The fish weren’t the only ones biting.  Carol caught a turtle, a couple of times.  Of course, she released it.   We actually released all the fish.

Sunrises and Calm Waters

There is hardly a morning that goes by that there isn’t a beautiful sunrise over the water.  On this morning we decide to have our coffee on the pier.

We sit quietly and wait for the colors to appear and are mesmerized by the tranquility and calmness that surrounds us.

A glimpse as the early morn sun peaks through their boat shelter.

Can you imagine waking up every morning to this?

There is lots of good eating at this house!

Carol and Ann are both excellent chefs.  We told them that when we visit them its like staying at a bed and breakfast!  Upon arrival on the first day, when we enter our rooms, a smile comes to our face because there is a mint placed on each of our pillows.  How sweet and welcoming!

On this particular day, Ann whips up a blueberry tart.

And yes, it is absolutely mouthwatering delicious!

Kathy decides to make a dish she grew up with…homemade chicken and dumplings.

Sometimes we are playful and goofy.

Or we just want to capture a moment.

Even Heidi enjoys a quiet moment looking out at the water.

We’re always sad to when it’s time to part and we look forward to coming back to have more moments like this.








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4 Responses to Friends are Golden

  1. Lisa Nassief says:

    What a great time!
    Miss you ladies… Hope to see you soon!

  2. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Always interesting and beautiful pictures…what a great friendship you share.

  3. Barbara Mathews says:

    Love your blog and look forward to each entry! Lovely pictures!

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