Hanging Out with Our PA Friends in FL

We have had a great time exploring Florida, but we have also enjoyed spending time with friends.  Our friends Lida and Gordon from Erie, PA have a beautiful house in Kissimmee, Fl.  Gordon invited us to come for a visit when we were in the area and we graciously accepted.  Unfortunately, Lida was a way visiting family, but we learned that Gordon’s brother Lee was coming down for a visit.  What fun to be able to hang out with both of them!  We see these fun folks during the summer months in beautiful Presque Isle State Park, flying kites, paddling on Lake Erie and just having a grand ole time!  So it’s kinda cool to visit our PA friends in Florida!

Hanging out with friends at beautiful Presque Isle State Park

Gordon planned some fun activities – he’s really a great tour guide!

We spent an evening a Disney Springs which is located at Walt Disney World Resort.  It’s a huge outdoor complex that offers dining, shopping and listening to some great entertainment.  There is no charge to enter the complex and the parking was also free. We have never seen such a high-tech parking garage. As you drive along the rows, there are red and green lights in front of the parking spots.  When you see a green light, the parking space is available.   It wasn’t exactly full-proof, because a few times we drove to the spot only to find a car had just pulled in.  It was fun racing towards the green lights until we finally found a spot!

A Pleasant Evening at Disney Springs

There were no crowds because we went on a Tuesday night.  We saw some one-of-a-kind restaurants like the Rain Forest Café.  This restaurant had a volcano on it that went off periodically. It was loud and fiery!

Volcano erupts at the Rainforest Cafe

It was a pleasant evening to be walking around.  We saw a few things we thought our grand kids would be interested in – a Lego store. One of our grandsons really loved Buzz Lightyear.  Here is Buzz totally made out of Legos.  Woody was there as well.

Buzz Lightyear

The Lego store is huge and has a Pick A Brick Section where there lots of bubbles of bricks, each with different colors.

Here is Kathy with a Lego light saber!

We had a nice evening and rode a paddle boat across the lake.

And  sat and relaxed with a brew or two and watched some live entertainment.  This guy could play the guitar like never seen before,  His name is Mark Nichols.  Take a moment and watch him play the guitar.  He’ll blow you away!

A Beautiful day in Celebration

One of our favorite activities was an awesome bike ride in the charming town of Celebration.  Isn’t that great name for a town?

We rode our bikes on an elaborate boardwalk systems that took us across marshland, meandered through pine forests and along grasslands where we saw alligators soaking up the sun.

Sometimes we left the boardwalks to ride through attractive neighborhoods with wrap-around porches and immaculate lawns.

The boardwalk connects to some lovely neighborhoods.


The weather was gorgeous and their was absolutely no traffic in this adorable little town.  We took time to “stop and smell (and photograph) the roses”.

Lee – up close and personal

It was a perfect 7 mile bike ride that will be remembered for a long time!

Lee and Gordon

 A Trip to Old Town

On another evening when Lee was there, the four of us spent an evening in Old Town in Kissimmee.  Old town is an amusement park and outdoor shopping mall.  We did some window shopping and walked through some unique stores.  We had dinner at an old fashioned A&W restaurant.

One of the fascinating amusements was watching people gliding from a structure three hundred feet in the air.  This ride was called the Sky Coaster, which is the world’s tallest coaster.  Gordon tried to bribe us to take the plunge!  Of course we declined!

At the end of the evening we decided to take a ride on an elaborate Ferris wheel.  It was sure pretty looking down at all the colorful lights in the park.

Four amigos having fun!

There was some down time too.  Kathy helped Gordon clean some spider webs over the pool.

Heidi laid out in the grass and supervised.

She was worn out from the excitement of chasing an armadillo up the street!

This was the first armadillo we saw this trip.

Yes, we sure had a lot of fun hanging out with Gordon and Lee!  Thanks for the invite!






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3 Responses to Hanging Out with Our PA Friends in FL

  1. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    All right! Lee and I made the world famous Linda and Kathy Travel Blog!

    As with all your other posts…you absolutely captured the essence of your visit in both narrative, beautiful photos and videos! Well Done!

    Oh, I am surprised the blunder into the bushes during my evening adventure around the retention pond did not make the news…or should I say, I am grateful it didn’t…hahaha.

  2. Barbara Mathews says:

    Such good times! You ever coming back to PA?

  3. Nancy says:

    What a great blog to read and the photos are just wonderful!!!

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