Hitting the Wall – Is Quartzsite Pushing it?

Quartzsite, AZ – Our First Destination

Quartzsite, AZ is only a few days away.  The trip we have been planning for months is approaching too quickly and we have not started any physical packing.  Minnie Pearl is sitting in the darkened cold garage winterized and stripped down to the bare minimum as if ready to wait out the frozen winter. The frigid temperatures barely rise above 10 degrees, the ground is frozen and covered with several inches of snow…old man winter has arrived.

Our plans were to visit family and friends over the holidays. While we did get to see kids and grand kids, unexpected tragedy strikes resulting in a death of a family member taken so young. Seeing our family after such a long time, and under such saddened circumstances was bitter sweet. The pain, sorrow and stress have taken their toll. Like a slap in the face, we see that life is so unpredictable.

We are home now from our extended travels and Quartzsite is just around the corner, but now at this particular moment, 2am in the early morning hours, it seems almost unattainable. The thought of driving thousands of miles is mind boggling and exhausting….at least at this very moment.

During a 12 day period we have driven over 3,000 miles, traveled through 8 states and stayed at 7 different places, which include 2 hotels. Now we are both sick with chest colds and feeling like zombies…the exhaustion is relentless. That’s what stress does to your body. We are trying to take care of ourselves, taking med’s and consuming energy drinks. We are not ‘nappers’, but are realizing that is what we need right now…just listening to our bodies.

Our Health is Our Priority!

We were hoping to get to Quartzsite before all the crowds and craziness. That may not happen. I can visualize approaching the “Q” and seeing hundreds of thousands of RVs spread out across the desert land as far as the eye can see….and us trying to figure out where we can park our little home on wheels! Yeah…it would be nice if we could get a head start. We’ll see how it all plays out…maybe a couple more days of rest will make a difference…after all this is the adventure trip we have been planning for the last year.

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  1. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Yikes….waiting with interest and hoping your health improves. Gordon

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