Poway, CA and Revolution Kites

March 10, 2017

We stop at the Revolution Kite Factory

When we left San Diego we headed in the direction of the Grand Canyon.  We had to go right through the town of Poway, CA, which is the manufacturer of Revolution Kites.  Since Revolution is the brand of kites that we fly, we decided on a whim to stop by, even though they were most likely getting ready for the big kite party at Huntington Beach, CA.  We met David and Joe Hadzicki, the brothers that own the company.  After talking with them for a bit, we dropped Gordon and Lee’s names and talked about flying kites.  They told us about Club 38, a club they started for Rev fliers where you can build on your skills.  There are 8 levels to perform and when you reach a certain level, you are awarded a pin.

We told them the next kite we wanted to get was a stack of kites and David said, “Oh, no!  You want to get a Reflex.”

Test flying the Reflex Kite with the Hadzicki Brothers!

The next thing you know we were out in their back field which was loaded with bright orange California poppies getting a demo from Joe.  Soon he handed over the lines to Kathy.  It was pretty intimidating flying in front of the inventors of the kites!

Kathy flying Revolution kite

Kathy flying the Reflex kite

Joe was very good at giving tips and providing helpful corrections to form or movement in an encouraging manner.  Soon Linda was on the handles as well.  We both liked the kite and we ended up buying one – it was one of the few that they had ready for the Huntington Beach Party!  That unexpected, unplanned stop really made our day!

Rev Factory

Dave, Kathy, Linda and Joe in front of Rev factory

On the way to our next stop, we saw a sign, Dudley’s Famous Bakery and couldn’t resist stopping!  We love good bread and pies!

Dudley’s Bakery

We had heard that this was a good bakery and when we went in, there were lots of people.  There were many breads to choose from and we ended up with a loaf of olive asiago cheese bread, as well as an apple pie and some blueberry strudel!  We went overboard, but boy was it yummy!

Dudley Bakery

“Now which one should I choose……oh well I guess I’ll take them all”!


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8 Responses to Poway, CA and Revolution Kites

  1. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    I love this post…really happy you stopped by the Rev Factory…sorry you missed meeting Lolly. Yes, we too have bought breads and pies from Dudley Bakery for many years. Lee has a new Reflex too…as does Jeff at PI Sunset Beach.

    • lkhearts says:

      Unfortunately we just missed Lolly. She had left for Huntington Beach. Hope we get to see Lee fly his new Reflex at PI soon!

  2. Hi Linda & Kathy, I am sorry I missed your visit to the Rev shop. I see that Joe & David took good care of you both. We love visiting with flyers from all over the country, even the world !! And we thank you for your enthusiasm. See you again soon, Lolly

    • lkhearts says:

      Hi Lolly, we are sorry we missed you too! Gordon and Lida have said some really nice things about you. Hopefully, we can meet you some day in the future!

  3. Ahh those baked goods look yummy!
    And way to go flying the kite!! You are looking good!!

    • lkhearts says:

      Hi Barb! Yes, the bakery was delicious and we had no trouble eating all of it! We love flying – it’s so relaxing and lots of fun, especially near the water. Hope all is going well at work. Only a few more days left and classes are over. Do I hear a sigh of relief? 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    That sounds like a great day for you all, I am glad it worked out that well

    • lkhearts says:

      Hey Paul – yeah, it was a great day – one we will remember fondly for years! Thanks a million for following along with us. Love you bro!

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