We have arrived! Visiting Friends!

March 24-April 6, 2017

We arrived at our friends, Carol and Ann’s house.  It was so great to see them again!  We parked Minnie Pearl on their concrete driveway apron and even had electric and sewer hookups!   How about that – driveway surfing at its best!

Carol and Ann built a beautiful southern style home overlooking the St. John’s River.  Even though we had top-notch camping accommodations, we were invited to stay in their home.  We stayed in their guest bedroom, which has a lovely view of the river.  When we are there visiting, we love to watch the sunrise over the river.

A room with a view. Nice!

Below is another view of a lovely sunrise on the St. John’s River.

There were many relaxing days working on puzzles together, sitting and talking on their patio and watching for gators, manatees, otters, turtles and a variety of interesting birds on the water.  Other days we saw bass fishermen and beautiful sailboats.  We also helped them with a couple of projects.   Our time with them flew by as it always does when you are with good friends.  Our stay ended up being almost two weeks.

The boathouse at sunrise!

Camping at St. Augustine

The two of us did go over to St. Augustine for two nights and stayed at Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort to enjoy some beach side camping.

Beach side camping at Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort

We were not a able to get a site right on the beach, but it was pretty close.  The sites are quite large.

Minnie Pearl seems lost in this HUGE campsite!

We enjoyed a couple of days flying our kites, including our new Revolution Reflex that we bought when we visited the factory.

Trying out the new Reflex kite

The beach was stunning with fine white sand.  The winds were up because of a storm coming in.

Beautiful white sand beaches!

The second day we took a drive down to Flagler Beach and visited the Flagler Beach Kite Shop.  We enjoyed talking to the owner of the store.  He gave us some insight to the kite festivals that are held in Treasure Island, FL.  When we returned to our camp, the winds were great for another day of flying!

We had a wonderful time in Florida, but now it is time to head home.  Our minds are cluttered with thoughts of cutting grass, doing the taxes, catching up on doctor’s appointments, as we put Minnie Pearl in high gear; get into our travel mode and head for home sweet home!

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