Meet Heidi

Meet Heidi

Hello, I’m Heidi.

Heidi is a 12 year old shitzu-terrier mix.  She belonged to Kathy’s mom and when she passed away, we adopted her.  Heidi had lived with us a couple of years prior and had already become a part of our family, so the transition was not too difficult.  She still enjoys going back to her former home, when we visit with family.

She is a beloved family member.

Her endearing personality has won over our hearts.  She likes to hang with us and we take her with us almost everywhere we go.  We also take her on daily walks through the neighborhood, which she loves.  It has become her  daily habit and she will not let us forget!

Heidi loves to travel and looks forward to the rest stops, where she can take in all the doggy smells!  When we travel and stop for a break, she expects one every time!  She also loves to camp,  so she fits right in with our lifestyle.

We thing she is really special.

Her dark brown eyes reveal her intelligence!  We think she is pretty smart.   She has her own way of telling us exactly what she wants.  And she gets her way almost all the time!

We are happy that Heidi can join us in our travels.  We’re sure she will home some adventures of her own.  She is going to love making some new friends as well!