Can’t wait to get back on the road again.

It has been one year, nine months since we have traveled anywhere, but who’s counting. In that time we have lost Kathy’s brother and said our goodbyes to Heidi, our beloved pet and wonderful travel companion. We have been homebound weathering this crazy never-ending pandemic. Now we have itchy feet and are ready to resume our travels and hit the road! We want to make memories, embark on our own adventures! We want to live life to the fullest. If we have learned anything from all of this craziness, is how precious every day is.

Linda is troubleshooting the RV rear camera. She fixed it!

We plan on spending the winter in Florida this year. We will be caravanning with friends and traveling about a month before arriving at our final destination.

The car is packed to the brim.

Since we are spending several months in Florida, it’s important to have all the amenities: Toys!

Our Toy Hauler

This lttle gem of a car carries our kayaks, ebikes, paddles and kayak gear, bike gear, kites, snorkels, pickle ball and other sporting goods…Aka our toys!

All hitched up and ready to go.

WHEW….The time has come!

Oh boy….We are so excited. We have been preparing for this trip for weeks. It’s taken a long time, but it is here already!

In memory of Heidi

Oh Heidi, how much we miss you. You were a good traveler. We remember how you loved all the rest stops along the way. You will be with us in spirit.

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10 Responses to Can’t wait to get back on the road again.

  1. Leah Passauer says:

    Happy to hear you are back to your traveling adventures! Wishing you both loads of happiness and fun as you head out on your next adventure.

    • lkhearts says:

      Thanks so much Leah! We are so excited about traveling. It looks like you are having some adventures of your own. Enjoy!

  2. Amy McCamey says:

    I am so sorry you lost Kathy’s brother. My sympathy. Also for your loss of Heidi. My Emma is getting doggy dimentia and I worry I will lose her soon. I am so happy for you that you will be enjoying your travels again. The pandemic has been hard. I am still waiting for my new kidney and doing dialysis treatments three times a week. Stay safe and have a wonderful time! Miss seeing you, my friend!

    • lkhearts says:

      Hi Amy. We are so sorry to hear about your continued health problems. It must be really hard. Our Heidi had a little bit of doggy dementia as well. We are keeping you in our prayers and hoping that you get a new kidney soon. Miss you too my friend!

  3. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Oh boy oh boy! On the road again…a caravan this time. What fun, adventure and good friends. Love your updates.

    • lkhearts says:

      Thank you Gordon! We are really looking forward to seeing you and Lida in Florida. We will pick you up at the airport as planned. See you soon!

  4. Barbara Mathews says:

    Happy Trails! Glad you are both excited to be on the road again!
    So sorry to hear you lost your brother. Also sorry to hear your beloved traveling partner is in doggie heaven. We also lost Buddy to kidney failure this year. How much our pets add to our adventures.
    We hope to be in Sanibel from Nov 16 to January 26. If you get a chance to drop by, please do! Much love! – Barb

    • lkhearts says:

      Hi Barb! It is so good to hear from you. So sorry for your loss of Buddy. Our pets are so important. We really miss Heidi and the good times she gave us. We would love to come and see you at your new house in Sanibel. Thank you for the invitation. We will be in touch.

  5. Nancy Passauer says:

    Hi Linda & Kathy, so glad you are able to travel again!!!! Enjoy every moment!!! I will look forward to reading your posts!!!

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