Catching Up

Spending time in Florida with our friends was special. It’s impossible to catch up on our blog to document these wonderful memories. So we created a video hoping to capture the great moments we all shared. You may have to give the video a minute to load!

We are home now, but it’s not where we want to be. We planned on coming home in early December to be with family for the holidays and then head back to warmer weather. However, Heidi got a severe eye injury in early December and right after the Christmas holiday she became ill with an acute case of Pancreatitis. We had to immediately drive to the emergency hospital in Pittsburgh. They admitted her where she stayed for four days. While recovering she was also seen by an eye specialist. We have been caring for her relentlessly for the past 6 weeks. She is well now and the vet has given us the okay to travel.

So we’re out of here! Tomorrow we leave for Florida with a stop in Myrtle Beach to visit our friends for a few days. Let’s hope the weather cooperates. We are yearning for warm weather!

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12 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Barb says:

    Yeah ! Glad you can head south again. Sorry to hear poor Heidi had a bad time but glad she bounced back!
    Have a healthy happy winter! Sounds❤😘

    • lkhearts says:

      Thanks, Barb. Heidi’s illness was very stressful for us, but we are so happy she pulled through! Just seeing her wag her tail again gives us joy. She’ll be glad to get out of the cold as well!

  2. Nancy Passauer says:

    So glad you get to hit the road again. May you both and Heidi be well and have a wonderful time in sunny Florida!!!

  3. Amy McCamey says:

    I sure hope Heidi will be fine! Looks like you are having a wonderful retirement. I had a heart attack two weeks ago and am now on dialysis for kidney failure. Ya hoo.

    • lkhearts says:

      Wow….Amy we are so sorry to hear about your serious health issues! We’ll keep you in our thoughts and pray for your recovery. Take care.

  4. Lisa M. Nassief says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing!😎

    • lkhearts says:

      And thank you Lisa for helping us create these memories! We miss you and are very much looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. Michelle says:

    Great video! Looks like you went a lot of places! Glad to hear Heidi is doing much better!

    • lkhearts says:

      Thank you. We enjoyed making the video. We did see a lot of Florida on this trip, but there is still a lot more to explore. Hugs to all! ❤️

  6. Gordon l Sedgwick says:

    Wow…really sorry about Heidi’s problems…great that they have cleared up.

    I liked he video…but missed your detailed written narratives.

    Look forward to seeing you in Punta Gorda, Fl later this winter.

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