Crooked River State Park

Continuing south on I-95 we made reservations to camp at Crooked River State Park near St. Mary’s, Georgia. This 500 acre park sits on a bluff overlooking the Crooked River. The river is a tidal river and offers both fresh and salt water fishing, shrimping, boating and kayaking.

There is a camp store, a very nice nature center, a bait and tackle store, docks and a boat ramp.

Lots of things to do

There are several miles of trails that meander through the tall pine forest. You can either hike or bike on these trails. We explored almost all of the trails in the park on our e-bikes. We really had a good time riding through the various ecosystems.

Linda and Lois at a wildlife viewing blind

The area was beautiful and there was lots of vegetation and plants.


Several areas of the trail had sections of boardwalk to go over marshy areas. Linda stopped abruptly when a big snake was lying across the trail. At first glance it looked like a coral snake but we identified it as a milk snake when we stopped by the office. Milk snakes are not poisonous. They eat a variety of prey such as rodents, fish, small birds and other snakes.

Milk snake from Wikipedia

We didn’t get a picture of the snake because we were afraid to get too close. It was taking its time meandering across the trail and it looked like it had eaten something!

We saw one other snake and a couple of turtles and a gohper tortoise.

Lichen on a down tree

The campground is awesome!

The campground has 2 loops and 63 sites the sites are extremely spacious and very large.

This picture shows the space between the campsites. Loretta and Traci are on the left and we are on the right. The campground was very well maintained.

The state park also had a large selection of cabins. There were 11 cabins that were nestled along the river. There were several wildlife blinds and birding is a very popular activity.

Good Eats

We spoke to Dan at the bait and tackle shop and asked him about good places to eat in Saint Mary’s. He told us that he really loved the place called Spouse’s Bakery. He said they had excellent bakery and a lunch special everyday.

Spouse’s Bakery

We ended up visiting Spouses Bakery a couple of times. The 1st time we got bakery and it was delicious. The next day we went back and had the lunch special on the homemade bread and of course we had to buy some additional bakery!

We visited another restaurant called the Riverside Cafe. We ended up having our own dining room with a waterfront view because we needed a larger table.

Riverside Cafe

What a charming town!

Saint Mary’s is a picturesque waterfront town overlooking overlooking the Crooked River. There is a waterfront park that is quite delightful. We spent some time walking around and enjoying the views.

The park has lots of wide sidewalks and beautiful green space.

Fountain at the center of the park

We watched some people fishing and crabbing from the pier. One gentleman was having quite a bit of luck crabbing.

Crooked River
Large pavilion

Saint Mary’s is also where you take the National Park Service ferry over to Cumberland Island National Seashore to see the wild horses and the ruins of the Carnegie family homestead. We did not go over to the island this time but definitely put that on our bucket list for a future trip!

Traci and Charlee enjoying the park
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  1. Lisa Nassief says:

    Looks great… wished I were with you ladies! Keep the memories coming๐Ÿ™ƒ

  2. Barbara Mathews says:

    Lovely photos! Canโ€™t wait to explore someday ourselves ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปBe safe and enjoy! – Barb

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