Destination Florida – Detour Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach was our first stop on our way to Florida. After driving two days and much of the time in wind and rain, we were ready for a break. We are happy to see our friends, Loretta and Traci and visit them for a few days. The house they are staying in is in a quiet neighborhood and backs up to a small lake.

Our home for a few days

The neighborhood is a planned lakeside community with several small lakes throughout the development. The houses are nestled around the lakes with lovely views. The lakes attract several birds and we saw egrets, geese, ducks and swans.

Sunset on the Lake

Heidi is always happy to go to wherever we go. She settled in very quickly.

Heidi’s favorite bed

Exploring Myrtle Beach

Loretta and Traci gave us the grand tour of Myrtle Beach. We visited Pawley’s Island and visited The Original Hammock Shop. They had all types of rope hammocks for sale, including singles, doubles and chair hammocks. We went next door to the building where hammocks were being made and got to talk to Marvin. He was quite a character and has been working there for 29 years.

Marvin at work!

Marvin was quite a story teller and we ended up staying there for about half an hour. He made each of us a souvenir from the green and white ropes which we can decorate and turn into a wall hanging.

We then toured Huntington Beach State Park. This state park is right on the Atlantic Ocean and has several miles of white sand beaches. We toured the campground and definitely would like to stay here some time. The beach was very expansive and beautiful and there were not many people around. This would be a great place to fly a kite!

Huntington Beach State Park

We also visited Myrtle Beach State Park. It is on the Atlantic Ocean as well and is closer to downtown Myrtle Beach. To get out to the ocean you drive through an oceanfront maritime forest on a downhill slope. The park is nice and has numerous places to access the beach. We also visited the campground at this park.

Traci, Loretta, Kathy and Linda at Myrtle Beach State Park

We drove along the coastline on Ocean Boulevard and ended the day with some good South Carolina Bar-B-Que whose slogan was “Every butt deserves a good rub!” Yummy!

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4 Responses to Destination Florida – Detour Myrtle Beach

  1. Gordon l Sedgwick says:

    Thanks..your pictures and narrative are “world-class”!

  2. Barbara Mathews says:

    Lovely pictures! We were talking about you and Linda this week. What a great IT team we couldn’t have done the EMR as well without you! Glad to see your well deserved happy days of retirement!!

    • lkhearts says:

      No wonder our ears were ringing! Thank you for the kind words, Barb. We are both very happy not having to deal with supporting IT issues! We are loving retirement and have never had one day of regret! And how are you doing? Have you been able to spend some time at your beautiful home in Sanibel?

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