Ocala National Forest

The next stop on the caravan’s adventure was Ocala National Forest and we camped at Salt Springs Recreation Area. We think this park is a Florida gem. There are four crystal clear springs in the forest. They are Juniper Springs, Salt Springs, Silver Glen Springs and Alexander Springs. You can picnic or swim at the springs, and the water averages a cool 72 degrees year around.

Salt Springs Recreation Area

Camping with friends

The primary reason we came here was to see our long time friends, Carol and Ann. Because of the pandemic, it has been almost two years since we have seen them. It felt so good to see our friends again!

A Happy Reunion

Charlee found our conversation quite boring.


The campsites at Salt Springs are very nice with full hook ups. The landscape is a pine scrub forest with greenery between the rows so you never are back to back with other campers.

We camped next to Carol and Ann. Behind us across the greenery were Loretta, Traci and Lois. We could all see each other. It was a nice set up.

A full moon

The moon peeped through the trees during our first night.

Salt Springs picnic area

We had a picnic at the springs and watched people swim in the cool water. We plan on swimming in the springs, but it was on a weekend and quite crowded.

Wildlife Entertainment

The wildlife is abundant. The squirrels here are fiesty and fun to watch. They provide quite a bit of entertainment.

Have you ever seen a squirrel eat a pine cone? This little guy is really going at it!

Hey buddy…you can’t have my pine cone!

This is all that’s left of that pine cone!

These sand cranes seem quite comfortable moseying along the forest.

Flock of sand cranes
Leader of the flock

These beautiful birds are fun to watch. They are laid back, not so much in a hurry….maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. 🙂

Biking in the park

The campground is quite spread out so riding a bike is fun. You can ride to the springs and explore the park. There is also a large primitive camping area with a place to launch your kayaks.

Checking out the kayak launch

There are many service roads throughout the national forest where you can ride your bikes. We explored this dirt packed road that is next to the campground. We turned around before reaching the end. One of the park volunteers told us the road goes to Lake George.

Exploring the back roads

Kayaking at Salt Springs

We put in our kayaks at the campground boat launch. We enjoyed the quiet morning and the water was calm.

Kathy at Salt Springs

It was very relaxing paddling around the lake. There there were lots of mullets jumping in the air from one part of the water to another. It was amazing how high and far they could jump. We just sat still in our kayaks and watched them. After numerous shots of blank water we actually captured one fish in the air!

Flying Mullets!

Reflections on the water

Enjoy these reflections on the water. We sure did!

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8 Responses to Ocala National Forest

  1. Leah Marie Passauer says:

    Looks like you are having a spectacular trip! Thanks for sharing the stories and pictures.

  2. Barbara says:


  3. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Looking good….see you next week.

  4. Laura Hawkins says:

    Wow! Such great photos of florida forest. Thanks for sharing………now get out there and kick up your heels with nature.

  5. Loretta says:

    Love the fish jump. Glad you caught a pic.

    • lkhearts says:

      We’re glad we got the fish jumping in the air too. We didn’t realize it until we got back and looked at the pictures later that evening. We’ll have to get you out on the kayak soon!

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