October 1st – A New Adventure Begins!

YES – today is the day our journey begins.  It’s a road trip that has been in the planning stages throughout the summer.  We are heading south to Florida in our little motorhome for the next couple of months.  What is different about this trip is that we are traveling with friends and caravanning with two other motorhomes.  This is a new experience for all of us and we are very excited to be making this trip together!

Heidi is packed and ready to go!

The Thousand Trails System

On this trip we will be staying at several of the Thousand Trails resorts, while also enjoying some of Florida’s state parks.  The Thousand Trails system is an annual membership where you pay up front and you can stay at their resorts with no daily fee for the next year.  There are some rules that apply, such as you can stay at their resort for two weeks and then you must camp out of the system for a week.  It is during the off weeks that we are staying at some of the state parks.

It has been a crazy month!

During the past couple of days when the weather has been so nice, we did some yard work. We cut grass, covered the lawn furniture and emptied the last of our flower pots.

Goodbye beautiful flowers!

How sad it was to empty the flower pots while they were still in bloom, but it was necessary.

Both Minnie Pearl and our car we are towing have been to the garage for service and inspection.  We did some repairs such as replace the insulation to the black tank beneath the motorhome, an inexpensive refrigerator repair and upgraded the ceiling fan by installing a reverse switch so we have air flow both in and out.

Filling up with propane

We washed and cleaned Minnie Pearl inside and out, filled up with propane and gas, checked the tires and we are ready to hit the road.

Notice the missing hub cap.  We lost it last year while visiting our friends in Florida and they found it along side their road.  How cool is that! We are camping with them the next week and Minnie Pearl will be reunited with her shiny hubcap!

Our first stop in Florida is Orlando where we will stay in a Thousand Trails resort. We are making a few stops along the way.  Stay tuned.

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