Our Rig

Our rig is a 2010 Phoenix Cruiser 2350.  We call her Minnie Pearl!  She is considered a B+ motor home and is built on a Ford E-350 van with the Triton V-10 engine. The length is 24’ long.  We bought her used from the great folks at Phoenix Cruiser.

Our Rig on Ocracoke Island

Campsite on Ocracoke Island, Outer Banks, NC

Here are two interior pictures.



Our first Phoenix Cruiser was a 2002 that was 21’ – the model 2100, which we had her for two years.  We called her Peggy Sue. We really can tell a big difference with that extra 3 ft!  Here’s a picture of us transitioning from Peggy Sue to Minnie Pearl at the factory in Elkhart, Indiana.


From left to right: Peggy Sue, Kathy, Linda, Minnie Pearl.

Minnie Pearl drives and handles really nice.  We feel comfortable driving her most anywhere and really like the rear view camera which stays on all of the time.  We can keep an eye on our bikes and paddleboards, when they are mounted on the bike rack, as well as vehicles approaching us from behind.   It helps for the non-driver to assist the driver during lane changes.  Kathy does 90% of the driving while Linda relaxes and navigates!