Outer Banks Fun

There are 5 lighthouses in the Outer Banks. We were lucky enough to visit 3 of them. Here are some views of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse:

We stopped by Bodie Lighthouse around sunset one night.

On our trip to Corolla, we visited the Currituck Lighthouse. You could climb to the top, 222 steps for $10. With our collection of bad knees, hips and backs, we enjoyed the view from the ground!

Currituck Lighthouse

Okacroke Island – Strike Two

We really wanted to see Okacroke Island. We drove down to the ferry which is part of North Carolina Highway 12 two times. It was about a 50 minute ride from our campground. There is no cost to ride on the ferry. Both times we ended up turning around and going back to camp due to the extended wait time.

The 2nd time it was going to be over 5 hours before we could even board the ferry for the 60 minute crossing. One of the ferries was being worked on and the other was being inspected. There are typically 5 ferries available for transport.

Typically October is the off season. We had several people tell us that it’s been more busy than usual the last couple of years.

Charlee, Traci, Loretta, Kathy, Linda and Lois Waiting and Waiting!

E-Bikes and Hang Gliding

We got our e-bikes out of our toy hauler and went for a nice bike ride. Lois has an e-bike as well and joined us.

Linda, Kathy and Lois

We rode our e-bikes to Salvo Day Use Area. It is a hidden gem. We had the place to ourselves for quite a while and then the kite borders joined us. Loretta and Traci brought lunch and we had a nice picnic on the beach. That is until a snake showed up!

The snake was swimming right towards us!
Kite Boarders Setting Up

Jockey Ridge State Park

We took a drive up to Jockey Ridge State Park to view the hang gliding students. The wind at this park is usually 12 – 15 mph which is perfect for gliding. It’s also the reason the Wright Brothers perfected flight here.

Kathy at Flight School

There were about 15 people taking lessons. There were 2 hang gliders and each one was led by 2 young men. The gliders had tethers on them. The employees and student would run to launch. They really didn’t get far off the ground.


Beautiful Landscapes

The Outer Bank’s landscape is constantly changing due to the winds, surf and erosion. The roads are constantly being covered with sand that has to be plowed out of the way. In Pennsylvania we plow snow. In North Carolina they plow sand! The sand was beautiful.

We never tired of looking at the grassy dunes.

Pretty driftwood along the beach.

When we were visiting the Outer Banks in 2016 we stayed at the Oregon Inlet Campground. The bridge was being built and we could hear the construction sounds. The bridge is complete and is beautiful. There is even a nice fishing pier.

Remember the movie Nights of Rodanthe? It starred Richard Gere and Diane Lane. This is the house that the movie was filmed at in Rodanthe, North Carolina.

Inn at Rodanthe
The end of another beautiful day
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7 Responses to Outer Banks Fun

  1. Nancy Passauer says:

    Wow, have never been to the Outer Banks but your photos are an excellent advertisement to go!!!! So glad the weather is wonderful and you are enjoying all the sights and sounds of that lovely region!!!

  2. Paul G Passauer says:

    Wow so much fun, you guys look great!

  3. Loretta Moore says:

    Loretta and Traci had a wonderful time with you at Outerbanks. May there be many more.

  4. Gordon says:

    Wow….another stunningly beautiful photo collection and interesting area visits….thanks…also looks like the weather held in your favor…

    Rain and wind here on the shores of Lake Erie. Lida flew to Colorado Springs to be with Tanya, Tony and Amelia for a week.

    • lkhearts says:

      Thanks Gordon! We have been lucky with the weather but we are currently under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch! Welcome to Florida! We are enjoying some of our favorite places in Ocala National Forest.

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