Shenandoah and Beaufort

We headed south with our caravan!  Traci and Loretta stayed at our house the night before and this is our driveway before we left:

Wagon’s Ho!

Our first day was a driving day and we boondocked at a Walmart together.  We all made purchases and ate at a local Italian restaurant that was in the plaza.

We drove to Lynchburg, VA as our first campground in the Thousand Trails system.  We spent a day on the lower part of the Skyline Drive and the upper part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It had been a long time since we had been to this beautiful region of the country.

The beautiful Shenandoah’s! This is the first place we went camping together!

We then headed to Yemassee, SC.  This park was a nice little park near the town of Beaufort.  We headed into town for the day and saw lots of nice period homes.

One of the highlights of our trip to Beaufort was a visit to Scott Southern Market and the indulging of a Sweet Tea Float!  This delectable was made with tea, sweet or unsweet and sorbet, Lemon or Orange.  It was the perfect refreshment for the hot day!

Loretta and Traci relaxing by the waterfront on a swing.

During our walk through town, we saw this low hanging branch.  We all wondered wether our RV Garmin GPS devices would have known about this height restriction and alerted us to it!

We are continuing to head south on our journeys.  Please stay with us!

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