Silver Springs State Park

We took a trip to Silver Springs State Park with Lois and our kayaks.

Out friends Lee and Gordon had suggested that we should be sure to take the kayak loop tour. The park was one of the original Florida roadside attractions. There was a jungle tour down the Fort King Waterway. This has now been transformed into a beautiful kayak loop tour that joins the Silver River.

Remnants of the old attraction

The paddle was very beautiful and so relaxing. We are enjoying using our Oru kayaks in Florida waters! We have seen an alligator on each of our paddling trips!

Kathy enjoying the scenery

The trail was about 1.5 miles long and it was well marked.

We were hoping to see some Rheus monkeys. Years ago the monkeys had been brought into an island for an attraction but the owner didn’t know the monkeys could swim! They have thrived in this area for years and span in an area of about 40 miles.

We didn’t see monkeys but we saw birds!

We enjoyed viewing the various flowers and trees.

View right through the trunk of this cypress
The waterside flowers were eye catching

We saw several turtles sunning on logs.

Turtles relaxing

Silver Springs is a first-magnitude spring and is the largest natural artesian spring in the world, producing 550 million gallons of water per day. These waters form the Silver River.

Beautiful springs

Silver Springs is also where glass bottom boats were invented. A cruise on the boat allows you to view the springs and learn the history of the park.

Glass bottom boat dock

We are really glad that Lee and Gordon recommended this trip to us. We think that the pictures show that!

Another great day making memories along the way!

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  1. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Glad you enjoyed it…hopefully we will visit again this year. Great to know you all are next door to us now.

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