Wekiwa Springs State Park

We spent a lovely few days at Wekiwa Springs State Park.

This Park is just 16 miles from downtown Orlando but it feels like 100 miles away…until you drive out of the gate and get into the traffic!


It is about one mile from the entrance to the campground. There are 60 campsites in a pine forest setting. The sites are sand based but quite spacious.

Wekiwa Springs
Wekiwa Springs

This park has beautiful emerald springs that feed the Wekiwa River.

Wekiwa Springs state park has over 25 miles of trails that go by tropical hammocks and sand grasslands. There are beautiful flowers and fauna.

Wekiwa River
Bike and equestrian trail

Equestrian Central

Wekiwa Springs is set up very nicely for the equestrian crowd. There is a corral for the horses at the entrance to the trail head. There are several primitive camp areas for riders.

Great equestrian campsite

Bikers can enjoy the equestrian trails as well as the bike trail.

Equestrian trail

We saw lots of deer while in the park.

Sand Lake

One morning we went to Sand Lake and saw 2 coyotes!


We didn’t realize there were two until the first one fled into the grasses and then the second one ran across.

Boardwalk trail

We enjoyed this park alot. We spent some time visiting with Traci and Loretta’s friend Sue. One evening we had a nice cookout and shared stories and s’mores! Just a note…. try s’mores with the thin Reese’s peanut butter cups …. a delicious twist on an old favorite!

Sorry bear – we ate all the s’mores!

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4 Responses to Wekiwa Springs State Park

  1. Leah Marie Passauer says:

    What a great spot!

  2. Lisa M. Nassief says:

    Looks like fun! Great pic of the coyote!

  3. Gordon Sedgwick says:

    Nice….glad you are nearby now.

  4. Barbara Mathews says:

    What fun! The emerald color of the spring is lovely! You both look great- retirement has been good for you! – Barb

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